Exploring the Archives: a monthly update: August 2018

Lee Child Archive (new archive)

The BACW is delighted to announce the long-term loan of this archive from best-selling crime writer Lee Child. Selections will be on display at the Enterprise Centre on Friday 14 September, as part of the NOIRwich Crime Writing Festival. LDC students will soon be able to see manuscripts and the working process behind Child’s novels during teaching visits to the Archives.

Leading articles – Observer article and Bookseller plus Guardian Review and Eastern Daily Press

Professor Henry Sutton, currently director of Creative Writing at UEA, and Curator of the Crime Writing collections within the BACW, described it as a highly significant development for both the BACW and Crime Writing at UEA.

Pritchard Papers

A permissions request has been received from an archive in Switzerland for a letter written by Jack Pritchard to Sigfried Giedion (1888-1968), historian and critic of architecture.

UEA Collection


Copyright UEA

• A student on the MA course in Garden and Landscape History at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, has spent three days with us furthering her research on UEA and other so-called plate glass universities of the 1960s.
• We have assisted with a query for the date on which the student newspaper Concrete changed its font.

Zuckerman Archive


Plans for a 1946 trip to the USA to discuss the effects of the atomic bombs. Zuckerman Archive

• A researcher from Hiroshima City University has visited to trace Zuckerman’s trip to the US in 1946 where he was sent to cooperate with the Americans in a detailed casualty survey of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
• We’ve been able to trace another school essay for a member of the public who thought that her great auntie may have been one of the children during WWII who was asked to write an essay on her experience of the air raids in Hull. More on the essays.
• A request has been received for information on the Leyton bus bombing in Essex in WWII. The casualty surveys in the Zuckerman Archive do not however include this area.

Special Collections

There were 11 requests.