International Archives Day, 9 June 2015

The garment now neatly assigned to a file marked

The swimming trunks of Roger Deakin © University of East Anglia

Archives around the world are today celebrating International Archives Day. Organised by the International Council on Archives (ICA), the day unites archivists in celebrating the significance and achievements of the profession.

While documents are the main business, very occasionally an object merits inclusion alongside the papers. For a light-hearted touch on this day of celebration we have pulled out the trunks of wild swimmer and writer Roger Deakin.

Deakin swimming at Treyarnon, Cornwall. © Estate of Roger Deakin

Deakin and dog swimming at Treyarnon, Cornwall. © Estate of Roger Deakin

Having watched Burt Lancaster in the film The Swimmer, Deakin decided to go on his own watery journey of discovery through many of Britain’s rivers, lakes, canals, and natural pools. The result was Waterlog: a swimmer’s journey through Britain (1999).

When the weather starts warming up this might be just the push we need to jump in.

The Roger Deakin Archive holds manuscripts, notebooks and research papers for Waterlog (1999), Wildwood: a journey through trees (2007) and Notes from Walnut Tree Farm (2008).