Exploring the Archives: a monthly update: June 2018

This update includes just a sample of enquiries, visits and activities during the course of another busy month. June has been warm for most however we are fortunate to occupy the coolest spot in the Library building.

Suffragettes Heritage Project [update provided by Stanislava Dikova]

Workshop in Cromer



The Suffragette Stories project, generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, held its first workshop on 11 June 2018. Fiona Sinclair (Project Officer), Kate Cooper (Norfolk Library Service), Ben Morrison (MA Creative Writing, UEA), and Stanislava Dikova (Digital Curation Assistant, UEA) visited Cromer Academy and met a group of nine GCSE students. Materials from the Kenney Papers, including Annie and Jessie Kenney’s passports, pictures of elderly ex-suffragettes attending a commemorative event at Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1960, and various suffrage-related badges, were used to immerse the students in the suffragette struggle for the vote and invite them to reflect on its legacy.

On 14 June, we met a group of older community members at Cromer Library and presented on materials in the archive. The two groups will come together at the end of the month to prepare a local exhibition using materials from the Kenney archive and memories from older community members on the legacy of the suffragettes.

Workshop at UEA
On 6 June, organisers of the Walter Scott Prize for Literature led a workshop with MA and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Creative Writing students at UEA, to develop skills in using our suffragette archive material to prompt creative writing with groups of young people and adults.

Digitisation update
40 of the planned 100 items from the Kenney Papers archive have been digitised by Annie Kelly (Digitisation Assistant, CHASE Placement, based at UEA Archives) using the UEA’s Humanities Media Suite. The images are currently going through post-production and will be added to a digital exhibition site due to be launched to the public later in the year.



Prof. Natsumi Ikoma (Visiting Scholar, International Christian University, Japan)

Angela Carter and Japan Symposium, 30 June. How did Japanese culture influence Angela Carter’s writing and teaching at UEA? The symposium and accompanying display included contributions from BACW staff and the Lorna Sage Archive. Symposium’s webpage.


• Delegates from a teachers’ conference visited the BACW on 7 June to explore the use of archives in learning and teaching.
• We have met with an organiser of the UEA Staff Association to arrange an archives visit for members over the summer.

Doris Lessing Archive

We have received a request for content for a publication which is incorporating artists’ responses to the life and work of Lessing.

Kenney Papers (suffragettes)

• A lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities (IIH) is making arrangements to bring students to visit the suffragettes archives in Spring 2019. There are normally around 80 on the module.
• As part of Mulbarton Words Week, an arranged visit to the Archives took place on 5 June. Participants were introduced to the literary collections and the suffragette archive and some had a go at transcribing letters from Christabel Pankhurst.

We were amazed at the amount and range of items and will be back.

Pritchard Papers


Bauhaus Dessau. Marc Wathieu, Creative Commons licence

We have received a number of visits and enquiries from curators and researchers involved in the preparation of publications and exhibitions for the Bauhaus centenary in 2019. The Pritchard Papers documents the activities of significant Bauhaus figures who were living in London during the thirties, including Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Laszló Moholy-Nagy.

Snoo Wilson Archive

A UEA academic is researching one of Wilson’s early plays from the sixties.

W.G. Sebald

A curator and writer from the US has visited to research Sebald’s Vertigo; and an academic from another US university has asked for any correspondence by Sebald on architectural history.

Zuckerman Archive

• An overseas researcher has requested papers of the Bombing Analysis Unit’s (BAU) investigations and reports on Allied attacks on pin-point targets in France.
• A US researcher is focussing on the donation of animals to London Zoo in the 1920s. Zuckerman held the post of Prosector (Research Anatomist) and went on to be Secretary and President.

Special Collections

There were 25 enquiries.