Exploring the Archives: a monthly update #3: July 2016

A look back at another busy month despite it being vacation for most of our students.

Advisory / General

  1. A UEA student journalist (PPL) asked for video footage and newspaper articles on boxing and the MP who campaigned to have boxing removed from the curriculum. This was for his ‘dissertation by practice video’. We referred him to EAFA (East Anglian Film Archive), Nexis (e-resource newspaper database) and the Times Digital Archive.
    (PPL – Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies).
  2. The Archives participated in a survey from RLUK/TNA for their research into ‘collecting drivers’ for higher education institutions with archive collections.
    (RLUK/TNA – Research Libraries UK/The National Archives).

Charles Pick Archive
Scans of Monica Dickens’ letters were supplied to her biographer who is based in the US and Scotland.

Doris Lessing Archive
1. An English lecturer from King’s College London has requested recordings of Lessing and Philip Glass’ two operas from the 1990s.

2. We’ve had a permissions request for the Lessing/Whitehorn letters from a PhD student at the University of Warwick.

3. A tutor at UEA has been researching The Golden Notebook and DL’s own views on the novel.

G.S. Callendar Archive
Access to a couple of letters in the Callendar Archive has been requested by a professor from New Jersey College, N.J. This is for research for a monograph on the history of water’s effect on the lives of Mount Kilimanjaro’s Chagga people.

Literary Translation Archive
Some of the dissertations from this collection were consulted by a UEA student.

New Literary Archive Deposit
Two senior lecturers (AMA and LDC) have made return visits to look at this new loan deposit and its potential for exhibitions/ research. A formal announcement will be made on 16 September.
(AMA – Art, Media and American Studies; LDC – Literature, Drama and Creative Writing).

Mark Cocker Archive (nature writing)
During what must have been the hottest Congregation week we’ve ever experienced, the archive of Mark Cocker (UEA graduate and naturalist) was launched with an exhibition of his notebooks, letters and scripts. This small display on birds and birders runs to early September and can be found near the Library entrance. This coincides with Mark Cocker’s receipt in July of an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from UEA.

Pritchard Papers
1. We are assisting staff at The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. in collating archival images relating to Marcel Breuer for an exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo which will be running from 3rd March – 7th May, 2017 and at the Higashine City Museum, Yamagata 15th July – 24th September, 2017.

2. An editor of The Journal of Design History at Oxford University Press has asked to use an image of the ‘Penguin donkey’ bookcase which appeared in an earlier blog.

3. We have now supplied images to the Bauhaus in Dessau for an exhibition on Walter Gropius. The presentation is a part of educational program of engaging young researchers, curators, and artistic practitioners. The exhibition runs from 4 August – 12 September. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has assisted us in tracing the copyright owner for material created by Maxwell Fry.

4. A Senior Lecturer/Contextualising Practice, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has re-visited the Archive to further her research on the Bauhaus movement and the study and teaching of art.

5. One of our long-standing Pritchard researchers from the US has requested to be sent a couple more scanned items.

I must add that, the organization of the archives on-line now, and the possibilities for looking things up through the website, is truly amazing and has been incredibly helpful.

Roger Deakin Archive
1. We’ve had an invitation to an exhibition ‘Place’ of Justin Partyka’s photographs. The exhibition (in August in Cockley Cley, Norfolk) will feature Deakin’s former property – Walnut Tree Farm, Mellis, Suffolk.

2. A UEA student (LDC) has made a visit to read Deakin’s notebooks and correspondence.

Snoo Wilson Archive
Anthony Wilson (Snoo Wilson’s brother) visited to get a feel of the collection and how it is being cared for at UEA.

UEA Collection
1. The Vice Chancellor’s Office brought us a visitor who consulted papers on the building of the teaching wall (by Denys Lasdun and David Luckhurst) and the origins of the University.

2. A visitor receiving an Honorary Doctorate visited the Archives during Congregation week to see papers from their time spent at UEA in the early ‘70s.

3. After receiving a request from an alumnus for a video he made in his 3rd year at UEA in 1971, we traced a copy of ‘Experimental Physics at UEA’ to the East Anglian Film Archive. The film was made in the day when the equipment was “heavy, bulky and not very portable (pulled around on a goods trolley). With no editing facilities (other than overdub) the whole thing had to be recorded sequentially.” The Physics Department at UEA was closed in 1998.

Zuckerman Archive
1. A Professor from UCL (University College London) visited the Zuckerman Archive as well as the UEA Collection. He is writing a paper on the history of science in the new universities of the 1960s and 1970s.

Badger 1 copyright The Kentish Plumber

Copyright The Kentish Plumber

2. A Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Department of History, King’s College London, has made return visits to research bovine tuberculosis (TB) and the link with badgers in the 1960s. In 1980 Lord Zuckerman was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food  (MAFF) to conduct an independent enquiry, and report on the disease and the handling thereof.


W.G. Sebald Audio-visual Archive
WG Sebald visitors 040716Around 15 German students visited the Archives with Professor Jon Cook (LDC Director). After a brief introduction they listened and watched audio and video clips from interviews (one with Professor Chris Bigsby) and local television programmes.


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