Exploring the Archives: a monthly update #1: May 2016

UEAContemporaryWritingArchiveLR 211Approaching archives can sometimes be a daunting and lonely experience. By sharing a little more about our users, how the Archives have helped them, and how they’ve engaged with the collections we hope to shine some light on what we do and to encourage others to discover more.

In a series of monthly updates we’ll be providing a glimpse of our enquiry work, visitors received, teaching sessions and any other activities we’ve been up to. We’re kicking off with a look back at the month of May 2016.



  1. Staffordshire University Library made a request for Theatre Quarterly Production Casebooks.
  2. An EDU (School of Education) staff member enquired about the archive of former headmaster of Prestolee School, E.F. O’Neill (1890-1975).
  3. Archive staff gave a presentation in the Archives for 3 PGR/PPD (Post-graduate /Personal and Professional Development) students and their tutor. A pop-up exhibition followed. Literary and other collections were highlighted according to each student’s individual area of interest.

MA Creative Writing Course
Two LDC (Literature, Drama and Creative Writing) students visited to read MA dissertations.

Doris Lessing Archive
Lessing’s biographer, Patrick French, made three visits to the Archives. He was also interviewed for a film on the BACW (British Archive for Contemporary Writing).

John Hill (1912-2007) Archive

  1. A resident of Blythburgh, Suffolk, visited to read local and estate papers. This has been one of many visits. John Hill (Conservative MP) formerly lived in Blythburgh.
  2. Merton College Oxford requested personal papers on John Hill’s cousin who was a former Merton student and died in action in WWII.

Kenney Papers
A presentation and pop-up exhibition was held in the Archives on Annie Kenney and the suffragette movement. This was for a HIS module on gender studies. There was considerable interest for further exploitation of the collection.

Pritchard Papers

  1. An MA student from St Andrews visited to research émigrés and cross-cultural exchange. This relates particularly to architects and designers moving from the Continent to the UK in the lead up to, and during WWII; and subsequent moves to the US.
  2. We gave a presentation to six visitors from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation researching Walter Gropius, architect, designer and founder of the Bauhaus. A wide range of relevant material was selected for their research.
  3. A researcher of Henry Morris requested a copy of a photograph.
Bauhaus Dessau260516

Students from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation looking at the Pritchard Papers

Roger Deakin Archive

  1. An LDC (Literature, Drama and Creative Writing) PGR creative non-fiction student consulted drafts and notebooks on Waterlog.
  2. We had an invitation to a photographic book launch of Justin Partyka’s photographs of Walnut Tree Farm (Deakin’s former home).
  3. Another LDC student consulted papers on Wildwood.

Stefan Muthesius’ Archive
These papers on architecture were consulted by the depositor, Muthesius.

Theatre Collections
A member of staff (HRD) consulted papers on Norwich and Cromer theatre.

UEA Literary Festival
The Archives were asked to help identify the interviewer of Alan Hollinghurst on an audio recording. This turned out to be Andrew Motion.

UEA Collection

  1. Two appointments were made by the VCO to bring alumni visitors to the Archives.
  2. LIB staff also made an appointment to bring the Chairman of Council to the Archives.

Zuckerman Archive

  1. A researcher visited to consult papers on the Hull/Birmingham psychological survey – on the effects of WWII bombing and air-raids.
  2. A researcher in France asked for a copy of a WWII report on the attack of the H.Q of the Fifth Panzer Army in La Caine, France, 1944.

Special Collections
There were 10 enquiries, one was for details of an inscription in a book in the Claude Colleer Abbott collection.



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