EU Referendum – 5 June 1975

img522 smallBritain joined the Economic Community in 1973. After renegotiating its entry terms a referendum was held in 1975 when 2:1 voted to stay in. Over 40 years later the debate goes on. But society has changed and we have the benefit of hindsight. This makes looking back all the more fascinating.

The John Hill Archive includes papers relating to the 1975 ‘Yes’ campaign (yes to stay in Europe). Apart from the serious arguments there’s some good visual material, leaflets, press-cuttings, etc. The ‘No’ campaign has some coverage too, inevitably, one can’t wrangle with oneself.

John Hill (Conservative MP) supported the ‘Yes’ campaign. He contributed a great deal to his constituency of South Norfolk in the 1960s and was on UEA Council from 1975-1982.

The papers (contained in 3 boxes) focus closely on the campaign in Norfolk and Suffolk, and the organisations of The European Movement and Britain in Europe.

The papers are listed on-line (ref JH/POL/PARL/40)

Please contact if you’d like to know more or would like to see the papers.

[Leaflet produced by the European League for Economic Co-operation (British Section)]



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